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Streamlined B2B and Mobility solution

B2B buyers are changing, Are you changing the way you sell?

Rapidly changing B2B landscape is seeing well informed and more demanding b2b buyers. The Demand is for faster order fulfillment, timely access to product information, and buying convenience. Vendplex a B2B e-commerce platform help businesses to meet this constant challenge of change.

Customer centric business interface, streamlined business processes & unified business management for your employees are some of the capabilities that Vendplex will add value to your existing business management system. Features will help you fast track the quote to cash process with flexibility and wide customization scope.

End to End Hospitality solution

Flexible Platform for Hospitality Servcies Management

Savorify is a comprehensive platform for the hospitality industry to address key challenges such as enhanced consumer experience and optimal revenue management.

The Savorify framework consists of various components that come together to give patrons a rich and personalized experience when interacting with customers and at the same helps to optimize revenues, enhance operations and reduce operational costs.

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