We help organizations improve their ability to respond to change by removing the constraints to speed


Agile and cost effective mobility solutions allow you to quickly streamline your business operations.

Enterprise Mobility builds a faster, reactive business model and improves efficiency. Enterprise mobility thought should be in sync with existing model so that smart enterprise apps gets deployed successfully in the organization.

It is very important for developer team to get closely coupled with existing system and its users to develop a global level enterprise mobile application. Teams at YUJ work with client in same intend from the stage of planning during development and implementation.

Custom Development

Robust custom solutions to help your customers to connect with your company.

If you are looking for completely customized website that effectively conveys your brand to visitors, we can help you deploy a site that speaks fluently to your business customers.

We at YUJ develop websites that are engaging, persuasive and equipped with latest design trends.

product development

Experts help your team build great strategy & solve execution challenges.

Create continuous flow between your strategy, desired outcomes, execution and the experience of your customers and workforce.

The modern enterprise needs to empower its workforce to deal with increasingly


We have successfully defined, designed and delivered business value to global corporations across industries

The power of technology, our Business Continuity Management solutions ensure that the IT infrastructure, people and operations of any organisation operate within an effective continuity framework.

Our passionate consultants go beyond being traditional advisors and aggregators of past knowledge. They help develop bold innovations and new partnerships that empower their clients to disrupt their markets.

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