Achieve more scalability, productivity and efficiency with integrations

YUJ provides enterprise and application integrations services to help you build streamlined processes,
become more responsive and agile. Our integration services are robust, cost-effective methodologies that
integrate your data, processes and devices across the entire IT infrastructure of your organization.

Benefits of Integration

  • Consolidation of disparate solutions into an unified ecosystem guarantees higher organizational efficiency, and easier maintenance and simplification.
  • Real-time connectivity, integration of processes and data across your organization ensures unified decision making, quick responses and recognition.
  • Integration reduces efforts and resources required for redesign and replacement of existing systems, in-turn reducing development time and cost.
  • Integrating communication channels enables secure B2B relationships with swift processes between your business and trading partners.

Our Integration Offerings

API-based integration

We make it possible for you to take advantage of 3rd party application programming interfaces to facilitate interaction with payment gateways, e-commerce solutions, social networks, cloud storage, geolocation services and more.
YUJ integrates your organization’s infrastructure with third party web-services to ensure seamless automation of processes, facilitate business transactions, organize information and more. All this is done in a secure ecosystem with all standard protocols in place.

Backend system Integration

Depending on your needs, we can integrate new software with your existing systems or we can create a consolidated backend solution or integrate specific elements of different applications with each other.

Web services Integretion

We focus on web application interoperability via standard communication protocols with enterprise systems and 3rd party web services.
We at YUJ help our clients to integrate ERP systems with your B2B or B2C portals and provide assistance for improving effectiveness between various departments.

Avail our integration services and give your business a new beginning of success.

YUJ makes it possible for your applications to piggyback on the online offerings of 3rd party services. We utilize their application programming interfaces so that you can benefit from fast and efficient interaction with payment gateways, geolocation services, e commerce solutions, media services, advertising platforms, social networks and cloud storages.

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