End-to-End E-Commerce Development

Helping businesses for over a decade to increase their ROI and customer reach through optimised omni channel presence, customised user-friendly solutions and integrations.

YUJ E-commerce Solutions

Combining our expertise with information technology and e-commerce Development, we aid organisations of various niches from retail companies, manufactures, wholesalers and distributors to stage an impeccable e-commerce platform and also boost their revenue and reach wider audiences.
We offer services from the initiation to the development of a fully functional e-commerce system.

Design and Development

Our team of UI/UX designers create an aesthetically pleasing user interface for an effortless user journey. Parallely our software engineers are deployed to develop a robust e-commerce environment optimising it to fit your requirements.

Technology Architecture

Based on your business ideations and objectives, our technology consultants provide a streamlined strategy to develop your e-commerce portal including the architecture, tech stack and tailored solutions.

Integrate and Implement

YUJ will securely integrate your e-commerce portal with CRM, ERP, CDP and other necessary business-critical platforms.

Reengineer Legacy Portals

We also optimize and reengineer legacy portals to accommodate the updated e-commerce technology and your expanding customer base.

Support and Maintenance

YUJ team will manage and provide you with updates and upgrades with security for your e-commerce portal and provide enhancements and testing on-demand, along with dealing with disruptions and downtime swiftly.

Going Beyond Implementation

E-commerce development services at YUJ are not limited to giving you a functional ecommerce platform, we go beyond to add value to your e-commerce portal with features adding your system integrity and efficiency.

Transaction Flexibility

We will integrate the best-in-class payment gateways, wallets and provide an optimised tax automation interface to help your track orders and payments.

Secure Portal

We make sure that your e-commerce portal is impregnable by deploying a secure protective mechanism and also continuously assessing and fixing any discrepancies. We also deploy multi-factor user authentication, end-to-end encryptions and more to enhance the safety features of your web portal.

Customer-oriented integrations

With AI powered chatbots and self-service content delivery we will enhance your e-commerce portal to provide ease of product recommendations, order processing, and 24/7 support to your customers. We will also provide customer-oriented blog posts, instructional videos, FAQs and more inturn enhancing your SEO presence.

Sustainable E-commerce Portal


YUJ harbours a team of e-commerce pros who implement high-performance and scalable commerce architectures.

  • We deliver user-friendly e-commerce portals that provide seamless device-agnostic experience to your audiences.
  • We will devise a flexible website architecture that will support advanced features, user activity and software updates.
  • We make sure that your online e-commerce portal is securely integrated with third party services and tools of your choice.
  • We will integrate data and payment protection tools with your e-commerce platform to ensure it complies with global and local security standards.

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