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YUJ addresses the need for complete solution development by providing intelligent, enterprise level solutions for your custom business needs. YUJ offers a team of veteran developers who combined offer decades of experience in solving unique business problems through web application development.

YUJ provides deep functionality in an extensible manner. Due to the architectural choices the enterprise framework delivers on the ability to implement robust functionality requiring a .Net, PHP or any custom deveopment specific platform for the user interface layer. In addition by bringing a highly customizable templating engine to bear the eCommerce solution is a full solution with the ability to adapt to any CMS system, and any workflow or specific business workflow requirement required.

Custom Application Development

Case Study

Enterprise Mobility solution to improve sales team ordering process by providing real-time access to inventory and customers information.

Blend of CRM and Mobility to achieve up-to-date information and prompt response to customers, along with easy contact sharing with help of automated sync.

What can be better combination than Education and Games, this application achieve exactly same by providing enterprise class platform to conduct assessment in fun environment.