B2B Marketplace Solution

Yuj B2B Marketplace Solution is one of the best B2B Solutions for businesses in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Germany, China, and India. It is designed specifically for vendors and Big distributors who have longer supply chains and comparatively bigger networks of buyers.

Yuj B2B Marketplace is an all in one platform that helps you to maintain these supply chains efficiently and makes transactions and tracking process simpler than ever before.

If you have a strong network of business buyers & suppliers, Yuj B2B Marketplace Solution is the best B2B solution to leverage that network for the promising business opportunity. Onboard your industry network to Yuj B2B Marketplace solution and create an efficient ecosystem for B2B buyers & sellers. Facilitate their transactions with speed & transparency and get incremental returns on your investment.
Start with your existing network and reach new buyers and sellers as you expand. Provide your industry network a flexible and convenient marketplace solution that will facilitate swift buyer-seller match, pre-purchase research needs of buyers and secured commercial transactions.


B2B eCommerce Solution

Remove the time & space barriers in your business flow.

  • Buyer, Seller Approvals
  • Add/Edit Buyers, Sellers
  • Summary Dashboard
  • Email Manager
  • Content Management
  • Activate/Deactivate Buyer, Seller
  • Product Preview
  • Enable/Disable products, Product Categories
  • Commission / PPC for seller
  • Seller/Product review, ratings modification
  • Seller Lists
  • Buyer to Seller conversion approvals
  • Inventory Notifications
  • Auctions
  • Membership Settings
  • Seller Registration
  • Seller Account Management
  • Summary Dashboards
  • Transnational Emails
  • Seller Micro Site-Banner, Shop Logo
  • Tiered Pricing
  • Product Cataloging
  • Product Detail page with Inquiry button
  • Content Management
  • Category & Subcategory Management
  • Send Online Quote
  • Add/Edit/Delete Products
  • Inventory Setting & Notifications
  • Product Images
  • Buyer Registration
  • Buyer Account Management
  • Submit requirement / Send Enquiry
  • Give Reviews & Ratings
  • Advanced Search – Seller, Location, Price, Category



  • Compare- Price, Product Attributes
  • View Product Specifications
  • Request Quote
  • Quote to order conversion
  • Buyer to Seller Conversion