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At Yuj , we provide B2B eCommerce solutions that enable businesses to scale up and increase profits. Our services allow customers to easily find the self-service information they need, as well as the option to buy from vendors directly online.

With our solutions, you can confidently expand your business and grow your revenue.

Custom theme design

Customized B2B Website

Having a team of talented programmers who can craft bespoke and distinctive websites tailored to your exact specifications leaves a positive impression on your customers.

Platform Development

Yuj provides an exacting answer for companies who wish to construct a tailored platform to be effortlessly navigable. With Yuj, businesses can design a platform that is tailored to their individual needs and provides a user-friendly experience.

Advanced Filters and Search

By activating these features, your users can easily and quickly traverse your website, finding the exact product they need with ease. This will help them to quickly locate the item they are seeking.

Magento B2B Store

With our Magento B2B eCommerce expertise, you’ll have the resources you need to reach success – whether you’re new to B2B eCommerce or unhappy with your current platform. It is our goal to make sure that our knowledge and experience will provide you with the edge you need to succeed.

Shopify Plus

Gaining the upper hand in the e-commerce sector is our main objective. We strive to continually innovate our ideas to better serve our customers and provide them with top-notch Shopify Plus Development services. Whether it’s custom design and development, ongoing maintenance and support, or migrating an existing store, we are committed to delivering superior results.

Control Panel

A control panel on the website helps suppliers and manufacturers stay on top of their current and pending orders, analyze sales data, and evaluate results thoroughly. With this feature, they can stay organized and informed about their operations.

Customizing Catalog

Suppliers can effortlessly upload their catalogs and place their orders, making the whole purchasing process smooth and effective.

Multiple Price Lists

Easily upload multiple price lists to your eCommerce business according to the catalog for added flexibility. Gain control over your pricing with this simple and convenient solution.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is B2B eCommerce Development?

B2B eCommerce Development is the process of building an eCommerce platform specifically tailored to the needs of businesses selling products and services to other businesses. This includes designing, coding, deploying and managing an online store platform that meets the unique needs of the business. 

Q2. What types of B2B eCommerce Solutions are available?

There are a variety of B2B eCommerce Solutions available, including platforms for customer accounts, order management, payment processing, shipping and logistics, analytics, and customer support. Depending on the requirements of the business, a custom-built platform or an off-the-shelf solution may be the best option

Q3. How can I get started with B2B eCommerce Development?

The first step is to identify the needs of the business and create a plan for the development of the eCommerce platform. Once a plan is in place, the next step is to select a development team that has experience in building B2B eCommerce Solutions. The team can then work together to build the platform and deploy it.

Q4. How does Yuj IT Solutions help with Custom B2B eCommerce Development?

Yuj IT Solutions offers a variety of services to help businesses create and customize their B2B eCommerce platform. We provide consultation and design services to help businesses create a unique and seamless shopping experience for their customers. We also offer a range of development services, including custom coding, integration, and testing to ensure a smooth and secure platform. 

Q5. What type of features can be included in a custom B2B eCommerce platform?

Features that can be included in a custom B2B eCommerce platform include product catalogs, order management, customer accounts, payment processing, order tracking, and more. Yuj IT Solutions can help businesses customize their platform to include features that meet their unique needs.

A project in mind ?

Yuj It Solutions gives you the edge over the competition by crafting digital business solutions tailored to distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers. Our B2B eCommerce development services are cutting-edge and designed to give you a top-tier experience.

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